Our Story

Corroborate is your formal clothing companion! We are a concept-driven brand offering exclusive finely tailored shirts for men and superwomen. 

We understand that our working women need something fresh and formal for their work wardrobe, but they often end up with clothes that are either boring or do not align with the views of the modern professional!

Countless local brands try to cater to the growing number of women in the corporate sector, but they often produce pieces that are too bright or too bland! Started by a group of women, Corroborate was developed to cater to professional women seeking formal clothing. 

We go beyond gender, limitations, and Victorian standards for formal clothing. 

We strive to maintain a conscious brand that sources materials from eco-friendly resources and upholds ethical standards for all our team members. 

Our team is very proud of our styling philosophy that led us to become the first local brand with one of the hearts of both genders. Here is what we focus on:


Corroborate offers contemporary collections that are developed for the needs of the modern professional. Each shirt is carefully designed to align with a minimalist style ideology! 


Formal clothing must not be stuffy! This is why our products are curated with breathable materials and ease-oriented cuts that let you relax, even on the most demanding working days. 


Your work wardrobe must reflect a timeless charm! This is why every shirt from Corroborate is easy to style with official wear, casual wear, and even fusion looks! 

Find your favourite office shirts from Corroborate today! 

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