Frequently Asked Questions

How To Place An Order?

Corroborate ‘s shopping interface is pretty easy to navigate! All you need to do is keep adding your favorite products to the cart. Once you have collected everything to your liking, review the items for quantity and size, enter your details and check out! And hopefully, within a few working days, your anticipated order will be on your doorstep!

Do I Need An Account To Shop On Corroborate?

No. You do not necessarily need an account to shop on Corroborate; we welcome all the guest buyers with a smile. But creating an account will save you from entering your information on repeat orders; it will also keep you informed about sales and discount codes too!

How Long Does It Take To Get An Order Confirmation?

Once you clear your cart, an update is shared immediately via email to inform you about the processing of the order. The confirmation notification is broadcasted within 12 to 24 hours after the order is placed.

Can I Alter Or Cancel My Order?

Yes. Corroborate understands that a customer might want to add more things to their shopping haul or perhaps cancel the order to reschedule it for another time. That’s why we keep an open door for revisions. However, you must get this done before the order is confirmed. You can get in touch with our customer care team to get things sorted immediately!

What Is The Returns Policy For Corroborate?

Our returns policy is very convenient for our clients. You can easily return a product within the first 7 days of the purchase. However, the product must be in mint condition and with tags/bills attached to avoid any hassle for the customer or the team! We are happy to replace products with they carry a technical fault.

Can I Get An Alert About Sold Out Items?

Yes, you can get alerts about the sold-out items by signing up on Corroborate. And then, you can turn on alerts for all your favorite items and when they will be restocked.

Will My Order Be Exactly Same As The Images On The Website?

Yes. Team Corroborate strives to develop products that look exactly like the photographs in terms of colors, form, and structure. We make sure each product is photographed in natural lighting to avoid any confusion for the customer. Hence you get exactly what you liked on screen!

How Can I Avail Discounts On The Website?

We offer multiple discount codes to our loyal customers. You can sign up on the website and find an awesome discount code in your inbox. The frequency of purchases qualifies you for higher discount percentages. So keep shopping! 

Is My Personal Information Safe On Corroborate?

Yes, we ensure consumer security at all steps of the purchase funnel. Your information is kept safe regardless of your account or guest purchases. We abide by international laws on data security to keep our customers safe and satisfied.

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